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We have decided that it would be more of a hassle for you
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so we have automatically added you to our main newsletter !
(of course, if you want to unsubscribe,
r all we've been through,
you can - but do you really want to break our hearts?!?)  
The newsletter is where you get to be a human with us!
And as a THANK YOU GIFT for exploring the Mineshaft Rabbit Hole,
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The Red Motel

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The Red Motel

Our imaginary over-nighter on the other side of the 111 highway from Bombay Beach, 
where everyone can meet to share artwork, stories, photos and talk about all things weird:
abandoned build
tiki bars
bad movies
bad music
obscura and more!
No politics, no eyes rolling,

and no shouting
(unless it's shared laughter).
Just your friendly, local
cabinet of curiosities
(that would be you, us and all the oddballs we can find!)

Let your journey into the mysteries of the desert begin!
You will get the first newsletter email tomorrow,
then one every two weeks.
You can always email us if you want to say hi in the meantime!


The Red Motel 2023 mixStuart Pearson with Through the Woods
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