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You found the secret page!  Thank you for buying "mojave" !  Over time I will be adding many outtakes and alternate versions of the songs from all the Dark Americana albums. For now, I hope you enjoy these:

Come Fields of Green - this was almost the third-to-last song on "Mojave". It's creepy! and features a fiddle, big tom hits, banjo, nyckelharpa and a hurdy gurdy duo (by accident - my gurdy broke a melody string and since it was homemade (I'm a terrible carpenter) it clacks like crazy. So you hear twice as many clacks as there would have been if both melody strings were in place. I have since replaced the broken string, but I sort of like the clacks in the recording.  The song ends with a brief recital of Edgar Allan Poe's "Lenore".

Come Fields Of GreenStuart Pearson
00:00 / 03:18

We Carry On - There is a lower key version of this song that was almost the opening track for "Mojave".  This one is about as straight country as I have done and it has haunted me since early in the "Mojave" process. Why? I don't know - there is an even newer version that is slated for "American Gothic" featuring a squeezebox and string quartet. This version I have submitted to some country artists, to no avail so far.

We Carry On - Stuart PearsonArtist Name
00:00 / 03:14
I Just Want To Hurt You (vocal effect)Stuart Pearson
00:00 / 04:13

I Just Want To Hurt You - this song was on an early version of "Mojave" and eventually got bumped when "You Never Really Know" showed up.  I was never comfortable with the subject matter (that says a lot considering the things I write about) and Hunter always hated it, so off it went.  Some songs are just destined to be outtakes. I felt that way while recording it, but like mediocre romances, you just go along with it for a while until something better comes along. 

The Spirit Moves With A Strong Back Hand (original vocal)Stuart Pearson
00:00 / 03:29

The Spirit Moves With A Strong Back Hand - this song originally showed up during the "Stories and Songs" period, but I couldn't get the vocals right in time to put it on that collection. Then it was slated to be the final song on "Mojave", but again, every vocal I tried just wasn't right. When you have a gospel choir hollering behind you and your voice is... well,... not gospel quality, it just felt like I painted myself into a corner. Listening to it now, it feels like it's a nine minute song that got squeezed into a three minute corset.  Some good ideas and Hunter likes it, but I don't think I'll ever get it right.

Are They Digging Your Grave (alternate)Stuart Pearson
00:00 / 02:56

Are They Digging Your Grave (alternate) - for awhile I toyed with the idea of using this version - a bit of a down-tempo beat and slurry vocal. I still like it, but I think I made the right choice for the album.

The Interstate (original version)Stuart Pearson
00:00 / 04:14

The Interstate (version one) - This song started it's troubled life during the "Stories and Songs" period. I recorded four completely different versions of The Interstate.  Hunter and I knew the idea was good, but the first three just didn't blossom. The third version (a footstomp version which is very different from the others) may show up on American Gothic with a different title and lyrics.

Ya YaStuart Pearson
00:00 / 03:43

Ya Ya - some songs are just destined to be outtakes, even while you record them.  I wanted to try my hand at zydeco, but I failed miserably.  About halfway through I stopped working on it - it doesn't have lyrics, but it has a little fun in the middle once the fiddle turns it into a hoedown.  Would have been about cajun witches. Oddly enough, this song slowly morphed into "Dragging the Lake On The Day Of The Dead" although you can't hear it from this.

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