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The Red Motel 2023 mix
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This is the song that started my journey through the murky, seedy backroads
of dark folk music
back in 1995 to arrive in the land of Dark Americana!
This is a new mix of a track originally recorded at the Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood.
This features my old band "Through the Woods", who were voted
Acoustic Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters in 1995.
The band at this point in time featured:
Bob Gannon - cocktail drums, spoon tree, bicycle wheel, hubcaps 
David Quillen - baritone and tenor sax, clarinet, glockenspiel, guitar, flutophone
Steve Andreoni - electric and doublebass, tuba
Deror Margolith - keyboards
Stuart Pearson - guitar, mandolin, banjo, squeezebox, hurdy gurdy, Earlophone
P.S. Soon you will also get an exclusive invitation to:

The Red Motel

It's the name of our soon-to-be-open,
invite-only Facebook Group
to discuss all things peculiar!
No politics!
No eye-rolling!
No finger pointing!
It will be a place to share photos, artwork, songs, short stories

and really anything to do with the oddities of life.
It's where Hunter and I will share our weird tastes in things and you share yours! 
Like exploring abandoned buildings? 
Like really bad 1950's sci-fi movies? 
Like Tiki bars? 
Like song-poems and celebrity albums? 
Like Steampunk? 
Like building time machines? 
Like the desert?
(well, you get the idea...)

We will announce the opening in our newsletter.
Be one of our Curious Tenants!


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